If you are not Buying Online you are not Buying Online

July 1, 2015Chit Chat


Last couple of years we have seen an intense battle amongst these Online rivals to be the biggest shopping website in the country. What it has led to is is big saving opportunities for consumers, discounts ranging anywhere from 20% to 70% on the mark up prices. So just in-case you are not buying online, you are spending a lot more than the smart people who are now approx 40 million in numbers and are now buying stuff like groceries, diapers, mobiles, shoes, furniture and more online.

The e-commerce industry is growing at a phenomenal rate of 33-35% annually and is attracting a lot of attention from Global communities, the latest news(rather rumour) of Alibaba upping it stake to 40% in Paytm is just a precursor to big things coming our way. Sample this, according to a tecnopak report from 2012 e-tailing in India is just 0.1% of total retail market which means a huge huge headroom, this report estimated the e-tail market to touch USD 76 billion by 2021 but i feel this number is underestimated, i would assume that the e-tail market will easily be up-word of 100 billion or atleast 15-20% of total retail. A large chunk of e-tail business in India will be driven by handheld/portable devices and the way Internet of Things(IOT) is shaping up it is not a distant future that even your refrigerator places order on your behalf for regular supplies.

While this is poised to happen in the very near future the e-tail companies are literally knocking our doors to try their services and are ready to incur losses on every transaction that we make on them, according to a recent report Flipkart looses Rs.2.23 on every Rs.1 it makes as vendor commission and other fee it charges from its vendors. So, it is essentially party time for online shoppers and as i said above “if you are not Buying online you are not Buying Online” 😉


Wait!!! Don’t Order that Pizza

April 12, 2015Chit Chat


Wait, before you pick-up your phone to order a pizza from Dominos or Pizzahut or any of the popular pizza joints in your city. Whether you are Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore or any other small city in the country you can save on your pizza order by placing an order Online.

Pizza order

A host of websites including your very own Meracoupons.com offers a wide list of offers from Stores such as Dominos and Pizza hut Besides the coupons that you can get from couponing website like ours you can get great offers on food ordering sites like Foodpanda, Tinyowl and others. Infact, very recently Ola, the taxi aggregator started its food ordering service through their App the service is known as Ola cafe and is Available on their App.

The best part about ordering a pizza from these special services is that you are sure to get an discount almost every time you want to order your favourite pizza.




Just Got Covered

September 8, 2013Chit Chat


WOW! We have just got featured by a digital media website and it means of lot for just a couple of guys managing this website competing against all the big fishes. Saying that, we have huge plans for ourselves for the next couple of years. The amount of traffic we have been generating since we launched has been heartening and that we have created a regular stream of repeat visitors on the website makes us feel proud.

The Journey has just begin, we have a lot of hard work ahead. We plan to make a whole lot of changes on the website which will make it stand out from the crowd and also help it reach greater heights in traffic, revenues and repeats.

Here’s the link from nextbigwhat.com where they have featured us as a Startup. Do like and share



Shop with EMIs

August 3, 2013Chit Chat


dilbert Money Happieness

Thanks to the EMI schemes now being offered by almost every eCommerce companies you don’t need to trade your happiness to make people envious with all cool stuff you own. 3,6,9 or 12 choose how you want to pay back for your possession and what more? you get special discounts and schemes when you buy on EMI from your banks and eCom websites.

Thanks to the tough competition going on between the top eCom websites they are not charging anything to the consumer for buying on 3 to 6 months EMI schemes while 9 and 12 month EMIs are still charged nominally by the merchant. EMI has become so crucial for the eCom merchants that they have went ahead and done special media alliances with Banks and are publishing print ads and using other offline media to push sales using EMIs

According to a research run by one of the top eCom websites in the country the ASP(Average selling price)  of items bought using EMIs ranges between 8k to 10K INR. For an horizontal marketplace mobile phones are the most sold items using EMI and 6 Months EMI is the most used by the customers

From another research it has been found that popularity of EMI schemes by Online websites has increased their top lines by 25% to 30%  which is a huge advantage for these companies in a rather lean time.

Let us hope that the eCom companies keep gaining from the EMI schemes and the consumer can shop worry-free.



R.I.P The Sound Genius – Amar Bose

July 14, 2013Chit Chat


Meracoupons Salutes the Tech visionary of our era who passed away this Friday at the age of 83 at his home in Wayland, Massachusetts.  An american born to Indian father, he created one of the most iconic Brand of our times, the name you see embossed on the sound systems in most restaurants you visit and the music concerts you go to besides numerous other places.

He founded the Bose corp in 1964 which today is a multi billion dollar company.

There is tons of information you can find about Amar Bose online, we don’t want to be another information dissemination source for you.

Lets us together pray for this genius and noble person and hope that his legacy continues




Movie Ticket Shopping

June 1, 2013Chit Chat


“It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you watch them on a screen.”
– Anthony Burgess

Movie watching in India took a huge leap post the Hum Aapke Hai Kauns and DDLJs, which swooped the families to the movie theaters and gave birth to a new era of movie goers and cinema halls. What this meant was, the lines outside the box office grew bigger and bigger and getting the tickets for the show you had taken time out got tougher.

It was about 5 to 6 years back that technology stepped in and became a savior of the janta who was on internet and had the plastic money in hand to book their tickets avoiding the queue.

Sites like bookmyshow.com followed suit of hugely successful irctc.co.in model and started its operation by tying up with major cinema halls in the country, hooking up with their real time inventory and offering movie pro-sumers a huge respite.

Big cinema chains soon started capitalizing on this new model and started their own online booking engines giving consumers even more options for booking their movie tickets

The smart phone revolution and the mad rush for apps has made the life of a movie lover even more easier, now you can book your movie ticket from anywhere anytime without the need of your laptop or a home computer. The most favorite movie booking app is by bookmyshow with about 5M downloads on the Google Play store followed by PVR cinemas which has approx 1M downloads

Bookmyshow has been extremely active in tying up with Banks and Telcos and offering discounts to the customers on movie tickets, shows and events in a city.