Flipkart launch of Moto G and Moto X

April 10, 2014Gadgets


Motorola’s back, and is ready to kick off the global smartphone market with its low priced good spec loaded Moto G, and high spec loaded Moto X.


Availability and pricing in India:

Both the cellphones are available only via flipkart in the country, for moto G you can click here, and for moto X you can click here. Flipkart offers a price tag of Rs 12,499 for the 8GB version and Rs 13,999 for 16GB version whereas flipkart provides Moto X only in 16 GB version with a price quoted at Rs 23,999. Moto G is currently available only in black color whereas Moto X comes in 7 different variant namely : 1) walnut 2) black 3) white 4) royal blue 5) teak 6) turquoise 7) Red. Both the handsets comes up with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

Moto G

Moto G is designed to target low budget market of smartphones within a price range of 10,000-15,000 where generally a buyer get confused weather to go for a known brand with a little low spec handset or to go for a newly launched brand who is trying to get into the Indian market by offering high spec handsets at a reasonably low price, Moto G is designed for them.



1: interface

Moto G’s interface seriously makes it stand above its league just due to its offering of latest android interface KitKat (android 4.4.2). 1.2 GHz quad core processor is well equipped to handle the smoothest android interface till date, stock like interface makes it easier to interact in a happy way with the interface. The screen of the smartphone is really flair as it offers 720p display with a resolution of 720 X 1280 with a pixel density of 329ppi (please note iPhone 5s has a resolution of 640 X 1136 with 326ppi), yes moto G outweighs iPhone 5s here that too with a price tag of Rs 12,499. Watching Movies and playing games on Moto G will be a really amusing experience.

The home screen is a pleasant experience, instead of off the screen “back” “home” and “multitasking” key Moto g offers on screen keys just like the nexus series and xperia Z and other high end smartphones.




2: Camera


Moto G comes with a 5 MP Rear facing camera and 1.3MP front facing camera , both capable of shooting 720p videos, for low lighting conditions Moto G has a Flash as well.
multiple shots and slow motion recording is another add on in the package.


Camera equips an easy interface with instructions on first time usage as well, setting and gallery can be accessed with just a single slide over the screen. The back facing camera is a decent one, few times focusing issues occurs overall its decent, the front facing camera is pretty average (moreover you can’t demand much more in this price range).

3: Battery life
Laden with 2070 mAh battery Motorola claims Moto G has all day battery, but having used with a little higher than usual usage you can see red bar in top corner of your screen before you get yourself in the bed.


Screen: 4.5 inches (329ppi) 720×1280 resolution
Display: LCD, scratch resistant.
Memory: internal 8/16GB
Processor: 1.2 GHz quad core snapdragon 400 Cortex A7
Ram: 1GB
GPU:Adreno 305
Camera:5MP rear , 1.3MP front (touch focus HDR, slow motion)
Dual sim : yes (GSM+GSM)


under the stewardship of Google, in august 2013 Motorola manufactured Moto X, Google was known to provide efforts in nexus series only but along with Motorola caused a serious stir in the market, earlier it was assumed that along with Motorola Google will develop a device with a mid-range specs and high price tag. What amazes in Moto X is its feel in the hand, having a AMOLED display of size 4.7inches the Moto X is just marginally bigger than the Apple’s iPhone 5S which is just 4 inches in terms of screen size. One hand operation is reasonably appraisable in Moto X, the feel comfort and easy operation using a single hand is even better than the iPhone. The back of the smartphone is of the shape of inside curve of palm and hence fits so perfectly in hands.



1 Interface:

The interface at first look resembles one you see in nexus series, the mobile network provider is shown in the left top corner of the screen in white taking up space of some notifications for sure. The app drawer is not as you see in nexus 5 with kit Kat; it is same old app drawer with a second tab for widgets available in the phone. The new features added to the device is trusted Bluetooth devices, Moto also implanted a lost my device feature on which Google was working for a long time.

2 Camera:
Motorola has seriously tried to go out of league with its camera , Moto X is equipped with 10MP Camera , with a 1.4 µm sized sensor which is relatively larger than the usual high end cameras now a days, larger pixels are meant to capture more light while clicking which makes camera stand out of league in terms of low lighting, with loaded high spec camera hardware , Moto X struggles to capture great clicks. This camera stands nowhere around flagships devices like xperia Z1 and iPhone 5s.


Although Moto has created a new way of accessing camera in a faster manner, even the screen of Moto X is turned off; a double flick of wrist will wake up the smartphone with its camera open, accessing gallery and settings is just a slide away from the camera screen and various camera features can easily be scrolled without clicking again and again on the screen.

3: Battery life

Motorola has fitted Moto x with 2200mAh battery, but with so many active features battery will surely get drained easily but the major drawback of the smartphone is the charging time, it gets charged really slow and runs towards the red battery level so fast. With a pretty decent usage of web browsing, music, checking inbox, Moto X lasts for a day but for the same usage many other smartphones in the same price range for a day and a half. Another dropdown in Moto X is its standby time, with nearly no usage on the smartphones the battery get drained in less than a day. Motorola should have opted a better way to utilize 2200mAh battery.

Battery graphs.


Screen: 4.7 inches (312ppi) 720×1280 resolution
Display: AMOLED, scratch resistant.
Memory: internal 16GB
Processor: 1.7 GHz dual core
Ram: 1GB
GPU:Adreno 320
Camera:10MP rear , 2MP front (touch focus HDR, slow motion)

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