GOSF 2013 – The Great Online Shopping Festival is here

December 10, 2013Look what we found


Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen, the largest online shopping sale of India is back and how.

The Google initiative will see its second consecutive year starting tomorrow (11th Dec – 13th Dec) Yes, this time around the festival will run for 3 days, which means!!! 3 days of savings, 3 days of super excitement and  3 days of over the roof discounts and offers

GOSF was a single day event last year which saw amazing response, so much so, that almost all e-com sites went down due to the amount of traffic which was generated through GOSF last year

This year more than more than 200 stores are participating in the sale with Google expecting million of visitors across the three days to hit their site www.gosf.in

According to a Google rep, Google intends to make a GOSF an independent entity and let the e-com community run it from next year onwards(which seems extremely unlikely as of now)

Meanwhile, let us just hold our breaths and hope that the year ends on a positive note for all of the e-com industry and we as consumers end up saving our monies

Meracoupons is trying to list multiple GOSF 2013 deals, hope you keep up the shopping spirits and keep buying..




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