Look, we found a list of sites to get best deals on pen drives

October 13, 2013Look what we found


This is the first post in the series “look what we found” this week we will be talking about the best places online to purchase pen drives from at affordable prices.

Pen drives have become an integral part of our digital lifestyle from carrying important files to favorite music from movies to games pen drives can carry huge amount of data in a small size.

Pen drives are these days available from a starting storage capacity of 2Gb upto as high as 128 GB.

There are a lot of pendrive brands available now in India with the most popular being Sandisk followed by Kingston, strontium and others.

Here is a quick chart of comparison of pendrive prices in top online commerce companies in India. For simplicity sake we are only comparing Sandisk prices in this chart and the most popular data sizes

Stores 4GB 8GB 16GB 32Gb
Flipkart Rs.295 Rs.301 Rs.505 Rs.1009
Snapdeal Rs.289 Rs.319 Rs.518 Rs.1054
Shopclues Rs.295 Rs.322 Rs.555 Rs.1199
Tradus Rs.298 Rs.333 Rs.619 Rs.1078
Indiatimes Shopping Rs.340 Rs.345 NA NA

Price as on 13/10/2013

The prices are of a popular sandisk model, Cruzer Blade. The chart clearly indicates that Flipkart is a true leader when it comes to pricing on these products.

Apart from regular pendrives there is a huge selection of custom shaped pendrives that are now easily available on top ecom sites. The brand that is gaining true mileage with such pendrives is “Microware” these pendrives do come with a premium but you can get cutest shapes in them, check some samples below.

Our Recommendation:

Stop Buying pendrives from retail. they are much cheaper when you pick them online and most of these sites keep coming out with offers which makes the prices lower by another 20-25% on offer days. The kind of range you get is unbelievable. You don’t need to worry about durability of these products as they hardly malfunction and even if they do you still save about half of your money when you buy them online.



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