Wait!!! Don’t Order that Pizza

April 12, 2015Chit Chat


Wait, before you pick-up your phone to order a pizza from Dominos or Pizzahut or any of the popular pizza joints in your city. Whether you are Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore or any other small city in the country you can save on your pizza order by placing an order Online.

Pizza order

A host of websites including your very own Meracoupons.com offers a wide list of offers from Stores such as Dominos and Pizza hut Besides the coupons that you can get from couponing website like ours you can get great offers on food ordering sites like Foodpanda, Tinyowl and others. Infact, very recently Ola, the taxi aggregator started its food ordering service through their App the service is known as Ola cafe and is Available on their App.

The best part about ordering a pizza from these special services is that you are sure to get an discount almost every time you want to order your favourite pizza.




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